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It is our firm belief that risk premiums exist in debt and interest rate markets. Our mission is to identify and isolate these into carefully hedged trades which only exposes the portfolio to risks for which it is properly rewarded. Using rigorous modelling, extensive market knowledge and a solid risk management framework, we apply controlled leverage to construct portfolios which deliver best-in-class returns both on an absolute and on a risk-adjusted basis.

The asgard funds - returns

LTD is the annualized return since inception of the fund. 
The calculations prior to the launch of the Asgard Fixed Income Risk Premia fund the 1st of October 2017, are based on the The Asgard Fixed Income Global fund, which was moved to the Asgard ICAV and combined with Asgard Risk Premia through a scheme of amalgamation approved by the Irish FSA in 2017. Hence the Asgard Fixed Income Risk Premia Fund retains the track record of the Asgard Fixed Income Global Fund which was moved in its entirety. 




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year track record

About Us

Moma Advisors is a fixed income manager located in Copenhagen. The Company is an authorised AIFM and is regulated by the Danish FSA. Moma Advisors is the Investment Manager of the Asgard Fund ICAV – an Irish ICAV with two sub-funds Asgard Credit Fund and Asgard Fixed Income Risk Premia. Moma Advisors is also the Investment Manager of the Asgard Fixed Income Fund, which is a mutual fund registered with the Cayman Island Monetary Authority.


Morten Mathiesen, CIO, has been a key manager with the Asgard Fixed Income Fund dating back to its inception in 2003. He has been ultimately responsible for the investment strategy since March 2008. In 2011 he launched Moma Advisors based in Copenhagen, Denmark as the advisor on investments and risk for fixed income hedge funds with a focus on advising the Asgard Fixed Income Fund.

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