the Asgard credit fund

The Fund invests in bonds including corporate, sovereign and covered bonds, credit default swaps, credit options and asset-backed securities including residential mortgage backed securities and commercial mortgage backed securities. The Fund primarily has Credit Exposure to North American and European issuers, but has the flexibility to allocate up to a maximum of 20% of net Credit Exposure to issuers in any other jurisdiction globally. A minimum of 50% of the Sub-Fund’s total net Credit Exposure will be Investment Grade. The Sub-Fund may have Credit Exposure to non-rated issuers. The Sub-Fund may invest in listed and unlisted bonds of any duration and maturity. The Sub-Fund may invest in issuers from any industry or sector. A maximum of 20% of Net asset value may be invested in bonds that are not denominated in USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CHF or DKK.

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